How to Clean Laser Printer..

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    . .. There are six steps that laser printer performs to print.. Cleaning, Conditioning, Writing, Developing , Transferring, and Fusing.

    If you are using Windows XP follow these steps
    Open the Printers and Faxes Window, Right Click the inkjet printer icon, and select Properties from the shortcut menu.
    Click the Services tab, Click Clean the Print Cartridges to clean the inkjet Nozzles automatically.
    Test the page prints. If the page prints sharply with no missing dots or lines, the you are finished. if the page does not print correctly, perform the auto-clean again.
    you might need to perform the auto-clean procedure six or seven times to clean the Nozzles completely. .. "Notes" if the problem persists, don’t attempt to clean the Nozzles manually please contact the manufacturer or vendor for services