List of Al-Kabair (Major sins)

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    List of Al-Kabair (Major sins) as came in the book of al hafidh al Dhahbi Al Dmishqi , the known Maliki scholar:

    1)Making associates with Allah.
    2)killing the self
    4)Leaving the salat (and or leaving the obligations of the salat)
    5)Not paying the zakat
    6)Breaking fasting in Ramadhan without execuse
    7)Not performing the Hajj (with ability).
    8)Not respecting (obeying or giving the rights of his parents.
    9)Abandoning or Cutting one kinship
    10)Fornication or Adultery
    12)riba or usury
    13)eating the money of the orphan or oppressing him.
    14)lying on allah and his messenger (saaw)
    15)Fleeing from the army (while in battle)
    16)cheating of the ruler to his people
    17)being proud and insisting (on falsehood) and what it came in the maning
    18)false testimony
    19)drinking (alchol, wine, beer).
    21)accusing the innocent women with zina (fornication).
    22)cheating by taking things from the booty after the battle
    24)cutting the road (attacking the travelers)
    25)swearing on a lie
    26)oppression (and helping or entering on the oppressors)
    27)imposing custom tax on muslims
    28)eating or getting his sustain via non halal means
    30)lying in most of his speech and actions
    31)the bad judge
    32)taking probe as a ruler
    33)women acting like men, and men acting like women
    34)making conflict between two, and accepting the evil of one family
    35)marrying one ex-wife to make her lawful for him (both 2 men cursed)
    36)not cleaning self from urination (dirt etc)
    37)riyaa or showing up in action and behavior
    38)learning for the sake of the donya and hiding knowledge
    40)(mannan) or the one who keeps reminding of his favor
    41)denying destiny (or fate)
    42)spying or listening on private conversations and people secrets
    43)nameema or gossiping
    45)ghadr (stamping in the back) and not keeping promise or auth
    46)believing the astrologer
    47)the woman disobeying her husband
    48)drawing (living beings)
    49)upon one death , hitting the face, tearing the clothes etc
    50)breaking the boundaries of islam by attacking people (baghy)
    51)al istitala (oppressing weak, servants, wife, and animal)
    52)harming the neighbor
    53)harming muslims , hurting them and/or cursing them
    54)harming worshippers of allah (sincere)
    55)al isbal (making one clothes drag the earth (with kibr)
    56)wearing silk, and gold for men
    57)the servant does not obey his master (ibaq)
    58) to slaughter animals not for the sake of allah
    59)the person relates himself to other than his father
    60)arguing (without a Devine reason) and showing up
    61)preventing the extra water from people
    62)cheating (in trade) by playing with the scale
    63)feeling safe from the plotting of allah (and his fait)
    65)leaving the jamaa prayer
    66)insisting on leaving the jumaa salat with no excuse
    67)harming his relatives by his wasiya (what one needs to be done after his death
    69)spying on muslims and indicating their weaknesses or short coming
    70)cursing any of the companions