a Nice Joke …..you will love it

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  1. Koren Ramos

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    Slam and Ramadan Mobarak

    Its been over five months since I last browsed the Yemeni forum. So hiiiiiiiiii to you all. Actually a friend of mine sent me this nice joke which I really want to share it with you folks. Especially with those who live in the U.S:p……hehehe

    Okay here we go::)

    An old arab man lives near New York for about 40 years. He would
    like to
    plant some potatoes in his little garden, but he is too old, alone and
    His son studies in Paris.

    The old man sends an email to his son explaining his problem:

    Dear Ahmed, my son, I am so sad because I can´t plant the potatoes
    in my
    garden. I am sure if you were hear you could dig up the garden for
    me so
    that I can put them into the earth. I love you, your father.

    On the next day the old man receives an email:
    dear father, don´t touch the garden!!! There I have hidden "the thing".
    I love you too, your son Ahmed.

    4 o´clock in the morning the US Army, the marines, FBI and the CIA are
    coming to the house of the old man in New York. They are checking
    everything inside the house and everywhere in the garden. They are
    everything everywhere but could not find anything. disappointed
    they leave
    the place of the old man.

    On the next day the old man receives a mail of his son:

    Dear father,
    I hope that your garden now is digged up and you are able to plant
    potatoes. I love you, your son Ahmed.:D:D
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  3. T_K

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    I have heard it before

    Nice One, though


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  5. اليمني الجريح

    اليمني الجريح قلم ماسي

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    First of all welcome back Dear
    Koren Ramos

    Second of all, Congratulations (u know 4 what right?)

    Third of all Ramadan Mubarak

    Nice to see you back buddy where have you diappeared

    Anyways, nice joke eventhought i just saw it last week in a series called
    in Abu Dahbi chanel it was great one thought

    Hope you visit us again :)