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    تفضلوا اخواني البرنامج الشهير والرائع فعلآ بعرض إفلام الـDVD وكذلك الـVCD بدعم إكثر الانساق والإمتدادات للإفلام.

    واحدى مميزات هذه النسخه هو دعمة للإفلام ذات الإمتداد الـDIVX.

    اي لم تعد بحاجه تنزيل البرنامج لفتح ملف هذه الافلام.

    WinDVD Platinum 7.0


    معلومات عن البرنامج:
    movies on your PC! As the world’s most popular software DVD player, WinDVD 7 continues the tradition of excellence by including the latest in high definition audio & video technologies, TrimensionDNM for the smoothest motion playback, and fun new features such as Quick Clip and Reverse Playback, to create the ultimate DVD experience.
    Imagine sitting in the theater with the full screen and the immersive surround sound entering your ears. WinDVD 7 gives you the same sensation, the total indulgence of cinematic experience - either at home or on the road. Whether it's a Hollywood movie, art movie, or a home video clip, WinDVD 7 gives you the full power over the viewing and listening experience.

    The World's #1 DVD Playback Software:
    - Superior Audio & Video Technologies
    - Future proof with H.264
    - Media Sharing for Home Networking
    - Universal Player
    - Entertaining Hits: QuickClip 2, Visualization, Interactive Panel
    Features of WinDVD Platinum 7.0 :

    Superior Audio & Video Technology:
    • InterVideo Hall Effect [NEW!]
    With the inbuilt Hall Effect stereo sound, users can experience the simulated hall effect audio from Sydney Theater , Chicago Theater and New York Theater.
    • Superior Audio Center [Enhanced!]
    The Audio Center is now included with advanced features including Dolby Digital, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Virtual Speaker, DTS Digital Surround Sound and SRS TruSurroundXT for a full, immersive listening experience.
    • Speaker Control [NEW!]
    While watching movies with your home theater system, use WinDVD 7 Speaker Control to adjust the sound balance of your speakers and get the best out of digital home entertainment experience.
    • Audio Technologies :
    - DVD-Audio
    - Dolby Digital EX
    - Dolby Pro Logic II
    - Dolby Virtual Speakers
    - Dolby Headphone
    - SRS Audio Technologies
    - SRS Dialog Clarity
    - SRS True Bass
    - 96 kHz/24 Bit Audio Decoding (Platinum only feature)
    - DSP Audio Effects
    • TrimensionDNM (Digital Natural Motion) [Advanced!]
    Experience smooth, flawless pictures with the most advanced motion video technology, TrimensionDNM (Digital Natural Motion) Advanced. Don't settle for fuzzy or ‘jumping' images when you're watching a fast-action sports game or movie – with WinDVD 7 and TrimensionDNM you'll see all the detail!
    • Universal Player [Enhanced!]
    WinDVD 7 now supports the playback of Real Player files, Quick Time files, H.264 and even WMV-HD. This strong compatibility makes WinDVD 7 a universal player, which means WinDVD 7 is able to playback a broad range of various video file formats. WinDVD 7 also contains InterVideo's own MPEG-4 decoder technology to allow the whole range of MPEG-4 files to be played, including DivX files.
    • H. 264 Support [NEW!]
    WinDVD 7 adopts H.264, the next-generation DVD standard, making the state-of-the-art video more accessible to more people and enabling users to experience the full quality of MPEG-4 part 10 or H.264/AVC video.
    • Video Technologies :
    - Progressive De-interlace
    - Smart Stretch
    - Color Controls
    - Video Desktop
    - Smooth Reverse Playback
    - Time Stretching
    - MyPlayback
    - Video Collage

    Media Sharing:
    • UPnP Player [NEW!]
    Now an UPnP supported DVD player, WinDVD 7 Platinum has the ability to playback content from users' other UPnP certified device within UPnP Home Networking system.
    • Video On-The-Go
    Capture exciting video clip and playback on mobile devices such as iPod, PDA, PMP or your mobile phone.
    • TV Output Support
    With WinDVD's TV-out support, you can hook your computer to your TV and watch DVDs anywhere you want.

    Digital TV Content Support:
    • HDTV Support [NEW!]
    WinDVD 7 is able to navigate and decode the recorded MPEG2 transport stream so users are allowed to view and navigate all programs.
    - Navigate MPEG2-TS (MPEG2 Transport Stream) content
    - Playback MPEG2-TS content
    - MPEG2/4 AAC content playback

    Entertaining Features:
    • QuickClip 2 (The GIF file feature) [Enhanced!]
    WinDVD 7 lets you capture that piece of video and save it in a GIF format. You can email to your friends or even transfer it to your mobile phone.
    The enhanced Quick Clips allow you to set the recorded length and image size. You can capture the scene just right for your liking.
    • Interactive Panel [NEW!]
    Offering a new and exciting playback experience, WinDVD 7 provides users with a customizable player control. It can change for various preferences and playback needs.
    • DivX Subtitles Control [NEW!]
    WinDVD 7 not only checks for and loads in the external subtitle file for AVI, WMV, or DivX file, but also lets you control the subtitles by adjusting the placement, subtitle color and size.
    • iButton [NEW!]
    iButton lets users to view detailed disc information, including playback elapsed time, movie total length, aspect ratio, resolution, video/audio type, video/audio bitrates. One click on the iButton all information is displayed on the screen.

    What's New in WinDVD Platinum 7.0 :

    Superior Audio & Video Technology
    - Audio Center
    WinDVD 7 provides users with a mixture of unprecedented audio effects that creates dynamic and breathtaking audio environment.
    • InterVideo Hall Effect
    Sydney, Chicago, Broadway theatre — get the privilege without a ticket!
    • High-Definition Audio
    • Home Theater Speaker Control

    - Video Center
    Utilizing advanced motion video technology, WinDVD 7 produces exceptional detailed and high quality video playback presentation.
    • TrimensionDNM Advanced
    smoother video quality in low resource demand
    • Universal Player
    supports Real Player files, Quick Time files, Windows Media files, DivX 5.2 Pro, HD Audio, MPEG-4 AVC H.264 Main Profile, 3GPP/3GPP2, & WMV-HD files.

    - Media Sharing
    WinDVD 7 supports all DVD/video/audio in any format to provide users with less frustration in media compatibility so users are left with just enjoying their movie playback.
    • UPnP player (plays video from Universal Plug & Play CE device)
    • Share video content on mobile device
    • Share video content with iPod, PDA, PMP, mobile phone

    - Digital TV Content Support
    Designed for the sophisticated users who have recorded Digital TV/Radio program files.
    • Navigate MPEG2-TS (MPEG2 Transport Stream) content
    • Playback MPEG2-TS content
    • MPEG2/4 AAC content playback

    - Entertaining Features
    Movie enthusiasts have several options to make their movie experience fun and entertaining.
    • QuickClip2
    • Music Visualization
    • Mobile Technology

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    بس استفسار اخي الكوماندر

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    لان الكود ينزل مع البرنامج مع اكواد كثيره اخرى.

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    السلام عليكم

    اخي هارون........حط الايميل اي شئي وكذلك الباسورد.

    تحية وتقدير.