Summer Activities for Youth

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    [mark=33FFFF][align=left]Summer is a great opportunity for Muslims of all ages and both sexes to do all sorts of beneficial activities: physical, intellectual, and spiritual.

    Remember, Islam wants us to develop our bodies, minds, and souls. One of the best ways of using the summer is to organize more outdoor da'wah activities and educational camps outside where we integrate a three-fold program geared towards building strong Islamic personality. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said “A strong believer is superior to a weak believer, even though there is some good in everyone.”

    Let me list a few activities that we may pursue during the summer:

    1. Organize outdoor camps for the youth where they will participate in activities that will foster their bodies, minds, and spirits.

    2. Organize volunteer activities in the community regardless of religion or race.

    3. Take the initiative to organize open houses in mosques and Islamic centers in order to introduce our non-Muslim neighbors to the positive side of Islam.

    4. Individually, families should use the opportunity to foster their family bonds by organizing family rituals such as eating together, or going for a walk or hiking, et cetera.

    Last but not least, make use of summer to organize accelerated courses to learn about Islam in all of its aspects, including Shari `ah, ethics, and Islamic intellectual traditions.