when pain is not enough

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    [align=left][Life , of course , is full of pains , but sometimes the word , pain , is not enough to describe / convey you feelings: sorrow / sadness / grief ... etc . The time when you need to die , or at least to feel so , but someone or something struggles to tell you “No , you still are here and you can’t leave in this way ; you still have to remember why you long for death , and the others too.” Only then the word , pain , does have nothing to do with what you’re in.
    [align=left]The same is with the moment you come to know , after doing your best , that you’ve done nothing . It may be in any thing in your life ; you spend long time / times doing the best you can , thinking that you are a superman to do all what you’ve done , but in a one word and / or a single act someone or something gets you to find what you’ve done to be nothing , or worth nothing . Although you’re sure that you did so and so and so , but what you see denies your efforts . Just then the word , pain , can’t stand .
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    yes,u r right.
    But i want 2 say one thing. Whatever happened we have 2 be stronger than it.
    Because life would never stop 4 us, it will continue normally and leave us at the back crying.
    No, we should stand up again and said to this World, we will never, ever, give up.
    The baby befpre learning how to walk felt down hundred times and if he gave up he would never be able 2 walk.
    Is this baby is better than US.
    Before any thing we r muslims and we believe in Allah and in the faith.
    we should always say ALHAMDOLILAH and try again harder and HARDER.
    Thjis is my little word i wanted to add.
    Thx again dear.