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  1. Sleepless Doha

    Sleepless Doha قلم فضي

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    She is an Israeli singer from Yemen ,Israeli Yemenite pop singer
    and songwriter who fused Western techno-pop with traditional Yemenite
    Jewish poetry to create a unique sound that found audiences in dance clubs all
    over the world. She also sang the theme song to the animated film Prince
    of Egypt. Her albumShaday has sold a million copies worldwide
    she was ninth child of poor Yemenite immigrants .She was born in 1957
    in the Yatikvah ghetto of Tel Aviv. Her Jewish parents fled Yemen in the 1920s,
    escaping from the Muslim regime on foot . She was the star who made it
    from the back streets of South Tel Aviv to Hollywood, then came
    homeHaza had been known internationally since the
    mid-'80s for mixing Yemenite folk songs and techno dance pop.
    she is the equivalent of Madonna In her native land

    Ofra Haza died of AIDS on February 23 in her home city of Tel Aviv.

    The singer apparently concealed her HIV infection even from her doctors,
    making her death a sudden and mysterious event until local newspapers
    revealed its cause

    Best of her song

    By Aharon Amram
    The gates of heaven are open
    to my tears
    G-d, be merciful to me
    And this ache in my heart

    How can I win you, love?
    Do you even know I exist?
    How will I find your love-laced path?

    My heart desires only freedom
    No one can make me love another
    If only my love knew my suffering
    And came to my side

    Who is the cause of this incredible pain?
    Who is the one that knows nothing of my existence?


    Traditional Yemenite
    My sweet love
    You are always with me
    I have fed you the most succulent of foods
    And clothed you in the most expensive brocades

    Oh, what a lunatic love!
    G-d, help me...

    There are those who don't understand
    The nature of my lunatic love

    Oh, what a lunatic love!
    G-d, help me...

    I made you swear,
    For days and nights
    That you would explain, once and for all,
    What is happening, happening to us?

    There are those who are jealous
    That I am all-important to you

    You are my special love,
    And you revealed to me the secrets of love
    You are the center of my thoughts and imagination

    Mata Hari

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    Ofra Haza

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  3. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    what a!!!!
    she got AIDS
    this is surprising
    but do u know what the reasons that pushed her to such unlucky situation
    thanks bro
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  5. SamiAlganhey

    SamiAlganhey عضو متميّز

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    May ALLAH Bless Her and Every Muslim

    With much Respect
    Sami Al Ganhey
    سامي الجانحي[/gdwl]
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  7. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    she's not a muslim Sami
    she's a jew woman from yemen
    famous singer