sorry to say bye * a while

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  1. العسيب

    العسيب مشرف سابق

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    dear family

    i could not explain why iam leaving from

    but all they know why

    so i hope the best to you

    inshallah for ever

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  3. اليمني الجريح

    اليمني الجريح قلم ماسي

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    Beileve me brooo u wont get what u want
    is not worth
    more over
    u will come back and u cant be away for that long
    ask him he quit and he couldnt
    stay away
    he came back with my nicks
    at the end
    came back with is reall nick

    i really hate to see you goooooooooooo


    u are one of a kind

    I'll miss you dear

    and rememeber always

    [grade="00008B FF6347 008000 4B0082"]there is never wrong time to do something right[/grade]

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  5. ماجدولين

    ماجدولين مشرفة سابقة مشرف سابق

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    plz. if u consider me as a sis. like I do don't go we need u here and if there is one who have to leave this forum is me
    cause I know 7elmi personally he is like a real bro to me from many years and no one no one knows him like I do but I will never ever leave all this cause if I do and u do and all who believes in him do that then who will be here to defend him?!

    Think about all that bro>
    and don't behave without thinking>>