lets go and know why so ??

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    any way friends
    lets know * Favourite verb *
    that you would like to say

    Just to say that I like the verb to draw, it offers so many meanings and it is so useful that I see it not just as a verb, but as a thing to play with
    Effects of being fighting with this language each and everyday I suppose...the mind distorts the vision, vision gets blurred,words become material things and lose their essence

    so what about you rs ....
    in my side too
    that the best verb like to say is

    to know

    that let me know a family such like you

    you rs

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  3. Funny

    Funny عضو نشيط

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    well brother
    It's a good idea to improve that target language.

    I'd start with the verb get

    It helps me alot when fainlly got its meaning

    Thanks fellow for such posts