letter to Abu Mohammed And Alkhowlani

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  1. Almatary

    Almatary عضو

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    Salam Kholanay
    IF you have read my message carefuly, you will understand why I write in English. I have stated that I do not have the arabic script to write in Arabic.
    I notcie that whenever you respond to any one that you do not read thier comments, all you do is try to find any thing to criticize. My advice to you before you respond to any one firs listen or read then put your feed back accordingly . AND I hope you read English so that you could understand what I have said.

    ABU Mohammed thank you vey much for your warming welcoming, and as soon as I get my Arabic software , Iwill Participate only in Arabic.
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  3. ابو محمد

    ابو محمد عضو نشيط

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    السلام عليكم

    أخي المطري شكرا لك على هذا التوضيح .. ونحن سعداء جدا بوجودك معنا في المنتدى .. ونحن في انتظار مشاركاتك .

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