At The Gateways of Makkah

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    At The Gateways of Makkah

    By Maha Noor Elahi

    A holy captivating light

    Emerging from the night

    Spreading a scent of spirituality

    At the gateways of the sacred city

    Makkah …the fragrance of musk

    Makkah …the reverence of dusk

    Makkah …the essence of tranquility

    Makkah … the incense of serenity

    At Makkah’s heights

    Souls ascend in delight

    Chanting a supplication of devotion

    Savoring the divinity of emotions

    Tears blissfully overflow my eyes

    As I marvel at Makkah’s crystal skies

    Enfolding me mildly with a loving graceful hand

    Caressing me by the beauty of the peaceful land

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    thank u so much for the topic


    and sorry det for deleting 2 of ur topics
    plz take again a look at our rules - plz dont do more then 2 topics a day
    so plz
    do this 2 tomorrow again

    thanks for understanding

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    that's really good
    thanks sister for sharing

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