Pronounce English Correctly~~~~And Bunch of other Languages

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  1. shareef

    shareef قلم فضي

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    Have you been struggling to correctly pronounce words of the second or third Language you're Learning!!:M26:!!0
    Well.....Now Smile....:M1: and Srtuggle No More.....
    Vist This Web Site>>>
    In this Web site You will be able to hear how to correctly say any word, sentence or small paragraph in many different languages like: English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish and more,,, Also you will be able to hear the words in different accents within the same language, for example; American English and British English,,,,, you also have the option to hear it in Woman or man voice, and the speed of the voice,,,,,, So go in to that site,,,, 1- choose the language, 2- choose male or female, 3- Enter the Word, sentence or a small paragraph up to 250 characters, and 4- Click the Little Red button that says " Say it!" and ......................... hearrrrrrrr:Drrrrrrrr
    A copy of this post will be found in the permanent "Learn English" thread for your future use
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  3. ابو نجم

    ابو نجم عضو فعّال

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    thank you for this infermation
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  5. yemen's ridiant

    yemen's ridiant عضو

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    thanks a ot for this information it will be useful for all
    thanks for sharing
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  7. Rita Alshoaibi

    Rita Alshoaibi مشرف سابق

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    thanks a lot my dearest brother for sharing this useful informations


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