The Power of the Inner-self

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  1. الا الفراق

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    To find pleasure in life, you have to adapt to self-oriented persona. Moving away from the pressure of what makes you unhappy or oppressed even if it takes you to escape the influence of the society around you, and instead direct your lives from within yourself, from your own self-perception. According to psychologists this is known as being "inner-directed" rather than "outer-directed." Inner-directed people have greater oppertunity for achievement in life. It is noticed that individuals of such attitudes are more likely to catch the new emerging will of society.

    Remember that every success you made is achieved through you "only". One major aspect of being successful is that you build trust in yourself. It is very important to know that placing trust on the society will not be a good choice. In short, self-directed individual gains higher composure, potentially this enables him/her for remarkable accomplishment and joy.

    Perry, J., states, "We must be truly open to others, concerned for others, tolerant and open to their ideas and suggestions; and yet on the other side we must be directed in life by our inner consciousness rather than the blinding social influence around us. It is a balancing act on a razor's edge".
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  3. yemenreform

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    I think there must be a balance between following your own selfish wants and needs and listening to other members of your family and society.

    I think if you have a strong character and sharp
    intelligence you will know when to listen to others and when to believe in yourself and brave all the nay sayers.

    It also comes with age and experience
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  5. saleh mubarak

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    just passing

    thank you for the essay

    best regardssssssssssssssssssss
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  7. Bero

    Bero الجهاز الإداري

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    Nice topic to discuss...I think that our inside is more stronger than what we face in our life, but still the effects of some aspects which are bad in somehow...It is good to be strong from inside and to have inner-director rather than let others lead you!!! But the question is, Has the invironement an essential role in building our strength inside ourselves or are we the responisble for our weakness???.....Best Regards

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  9. T_K

    T_K قلم فضي

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    I don't think it's easy to follow one's inner director to achieve the best
    in life. I think that, in itself, depends on one's self-steem and confidence in self-ability to make the right decisions in life without the need of the assistance of others. This, in turns, is also hard to accomplish because different decisions call for different experts in different fields; thus, regardless of one's self-confidence, one will always choose to consult others, who are more experienced in that specific field


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