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    hi guys..

    i,m useing download from rapidshare and u know there is a files with so many links some times 30link like some of new winxp softwares.and always after downloading the 1st file they asking for changeing ip,proxy u know there is no one can wait for 1houre to downloa thoses files one by one so i wanna know how can i use proxy changer soft wares cuz i,m looking in my pc but i cant find the way.and is there any bad effect on the netline or not by chaning proxy.i traid to use hide ip programs but its really slow down the pc and the line too and i dont prefer the lonly way i have to think about is changing proxy.through proxy changer softwares
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    my dear brother....!!

    if ur really want to use rapidshare to download that softwere .. what u have to do is to change ur ip by using " ip changer" softwere... with serial numbers, and not hide ip ... the hide ip make ur Internet Explorer hidden from anyone that try to look for what ur browing ... u have to use ip changer first of all and always remove ur Temp files and cockis which make u come up with new ip adress..

    tell me for more .. i'll help

    Good luck

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