Story told by Birds..To Sami alganhey

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  1. Bero

    Bero الجهاز الإداري

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    Story tells by birds

    The harmony of his song still sings like a bird
    The touch of his soul still in my hand
    I looked to my hands and kissed them
    Here! my love kissed my hands
    I looked forward towards the horizon and
    With the last breath to talk and
    With the tears in my eye, I asked the birds about my love
    But they lied to me and Said
    He is in a beautiful land
    Wishing you to be beside him
    Calling you and hugging the breeze of your memory
    Shedding tears and sobbing bitterly
    He is there! Looking for save place to live with you
    I would like to go and see
    I want to see his face or even to hear his breath
    I want to see the love poetry in his eyes
    I want to hear his voice without lies
    Birds! If you can talk to my love
    I will be happy and live again
    But if you not
    You will see my tears like flooded rain
    I will not eat! I will not breathe! I will die in pain
    So go now and tell my love
    If he cares, he will come
    Birds cry quietly and sad become
    They can see nothing but…..End that Begun
    They see her face getting pale
    And her color has gone
    The last breeze touched her pretty face
    And softly closed her eyes
    She is gone
    She left behind her tears, gloomy life and black
    Two years later
    He came back
    He found nothing but lifeless land
    He looked for his lover's spirit
    He searched with his lost mind
    He called her name and hug the breeze of her memory
    He shed hotly tears and sank in cry
    The birds shuddered and suddenly fly
    They heard a hard cry as if it is death scream
    The weather was rainy, and there was a dead body
    He was laying there….it was like dream
    He died for her as she did for him……

    I wish you like it bro...and these are my words...and waiting for your comments..

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  3. SamiAlganhey

    SamiAlganhey عضو متميّز

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    First, Thank You for Posting the post for me. And I am sorry that I didn't reply right away. I've Been Busy. Moreover.. About the Poem..1
    I LOVE IT. It's deep. Real Deep. Love is always hard to keep, and or get back. But sometimes things work out. And Sometimes it doesn't. And that's part of everyday Life. The writer, in this case being you. Had strong feelings for someone. But sometimes that's how we express our feelings, by writing them down. And Sometimes we just write them for fun. And it's all natural. I love Poems as well, Sometimes the poems are about me or a love one. Or I just write them as the words come to me. 0
    But on the other hand, You my friend have a Gift. And that gift could be as a writer. 1
    I wish you the best
    And Thank You for this Nice, beautiful Poem. I hope to read more of you writings. 2

    Thanks Again
    With all do respect
    Sami Alganhey
    سامي الجانحي
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  5. Bero

    Bero الجهاز الإداري

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    Thank U fellow

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  7. SamiAlganhey

    SamiAlganhey عضو متميّز

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    No, Thank You. For this Great Post

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