Five drown in a dam

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    Al-Mahweet, May 5 — Five persons of the same family, a woman, a small girl, two boys and their father were reported dead on Friday morning, as they drowned in Al-Maqik Dam in Al-Rujum district, Al-Mahweet Governorate. Eye witnesses told the Yemen Times that the victims came with their relatives from Khawlan Al-Tiyal in Sana'a Governorate for outing. For his part, Ali Ahmed Al-Zaikam, a local from the area, said to Saba Net that Local Authority together with people and security officers in the Governorate pulled out the corpse of the young girl one hour after the incident, while other corpses were pulled out in the evening as the dam was too deep. Colonel Nasser Al-Awash indicated that first- hand information indicates the small girl Fordous was on the edge of the dam, trying to fill a bottle of water from the dam when she fell down. Tides swept her to the deep waters of the dam. Other family members followed when trying to save her. Though people and police men tried to help them, they could not escape death due to the deepness of the dam.

    He added that the members of this family were in a visit for their relative who works as a government officer in Al-Mahweet. It was also reported that they had reached the area before other relatives on another car. They were surprised to see their relatives' car on the side of the road and people were pulling their dead bodies out of the dam. It is worth mentioning that two persons were reported to have drowned there previously.
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  3. جراهام بل

    جراهام بل مشرف سابق

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    what a painful event

    may allah bless them

    anyway thanx for advising


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